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Thursday, December 29, 2011,

I'm totally in love with this girl! Isn't she like the cutest thing on earth? In case anyone is still wondering who the hell is she, she acted as young Niki in bottled passion! Her acting in this drama is pretty good as well. As compared to other TVB kid actor. Any idea what's her name? Can't be found on the net. Guess she is still young.

Spoiler: Raymond realized Niki is the girl he has been looking for! Like finally! So happy for them.

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Monday, December 19, 2011,

I am currently watching Bottled Passion. I don't know if it's because my bias for Niki, I seriously think it's a good series. I mean, I like the plot. I haven't been watching much TVB series this year.

Regarding my updates, to not give you guys (if any of you still visit this blog) false hope, I won't be updating any theme song. I guess it isn't difficult to find newly released theme songs. But don't worry, I won't shut it down cause in case you need old tvb theme song, my blog will still come in handy :)

Friday, December 16, 2011,

She is definitely worth the comeback, no?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011,

Hi! I am back. But there isn't much for me to update right? I mean like, there isn't any new TVB Theme Songs. So I'm just going to upload another new wallpaper. (Sorry, a Niki fan here.)

Oh! Oh! Have you guys heard of it? ChiLam Cheung is back to TVB! I mean, I don't know if he is back to TVB. But I know he will be a main lead in one of the new series! With Ada Choi -.- Sorry, but not a Ada fan here. Not that she isn't good. Just don't have the liking for her. At the moment, I shall wait and anticipate for the series.

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Thursday, January 06, 2011,

NEW TVB Theme Songs
Home Troopers (TV-Rip) by Stephanie Ho
requested by Judy (I hope I didn't take too long)

Oh well, I guess the FULL VERSION isn't out yet. So we shall all wait together. Hehehehe...

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Sunday, January 02, 2011,


Yes, I know I was suppose to wish you guys Merry Christmas. But it doesn't matter right.

Okay. I know people have been wondering why the links don't work. It DOES! Seriously. I know that when you click the link, it links you to the mediafire homepage right?


Step 1: Click on the link. It might show mediafire homepage. Stay calm.
Step 2: Look at your url bar, it should ends with something weird (e.g instead of just . Highlight the link and hit the "enter" key.
Step 3: You got the song.

So guys, please do not ask me to reupload or whatsoever. Thanks.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010,

NEW TVB Theme Songs:
This time, it's real new. Lol.

No Regrets Background Music
There are total of 14 background music uploaded. (e.g. music when Wayne meet Sheren in the Church, Last scene for Fala's character and etc...)

All of the above credits goes to MadamLeung @ Spectacular Sheren
(Pardon me for not asking for permission)

Links to Temptation by Fala Chen
Show Me The Happy by Bernice Liu (TV-Rip)
Show Me The Happy Ending Theme [衣不稱身] by Aston
Twilight Investigation [食腦] by Wong Hei, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee;
In the Eye of Beholder by Wong Cho Lam & MC Jin
A Fistful of Stances by Kevin Cheng

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010,

NEW Graphics!
Ghost Writer Wallpaper [1280x800] ft. Fala Chen
(sorry for the really x92103947328394 bad quality for the Anniversary Award post. That's the best I could get.)

& a No Regret Banner ft. Raymond Wong & Fala Chen (once again)
I will be moving on soon. As soon as I start a new drama. At the mean time, still hanging onto this couple.

They married ^^

Notice about my affliates? Yes, it's shorten. Most of them are expired :( I guess most of them shut down while I was away or changed links. So if you any of my old affliates happen to see this, please tell me your new link! Thanks.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010,

Beauty Knows No Pain by Instrumental
Cupid Stupid [聽說] by Steven Ma
My Better Half English Subtheme [When you say nothing at all] by Ronan Keating
My Better Half [Real Men Diary/大丈夫日記] by Michael Miu & Michael Tse
OL Supreme [Dawdle/捱] by Chapman To, Denise Ho, Ron Ng
Sister of Pearl [Forget Myself] by Myolie Wu
Someday [半杯水] by Tang Siu Hau
Suspect in Love by Instrumental
Suspect in Love Subtheme by Joe Ma (TV Ending-Rip)
The Comeback Clan by FAMA
When Lane Merges by Ryan Lau (CD Version)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010,

"NEW" TVB Theme Songs
A Pillow Case of Mystery II by Wong Cho Lam
Born Rich English Subtheme
Can't Buy Me Love by Susana Kwan
Don Juan Demercado by Bosco Wong ft. Kate Tsui
Don Juan Demercado Subtheme [Across Valley] by Bosco Wong
Every Move You Make by Bowie Lam
Fly With Me English Subtheme - Save the Best for the Last by Vanessa Williams
She is the singer for Color of the Wind. Highly recommend soothing song!
Ghost Writer by Steven Ma
Growing Through Life by Raymond Lam
Growing Through Life Subtheme by Raymond Lam
Gun Metal Grey by Super 4 (I am unsure if this is the song cause I got it from another site)
Mysteries of Love by Raymond Lam
Mysteries of Love Subtheme English Subtheme
No Regrets by Leo Ku
When Lane Merge Subtheme (Will upload the theme soon!)

Saeeda Wright - One and Only
This is also one of the english subtheme from a TVB series. I can't remember which. Pardon me.

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